Our Story

Amy McCracken In the summer of 2011, Amy McCracken visited Thrangu Kong Jo Sherab Ling Nunnery, in Eastern Tibet and was profoundly affected by the strong character of the nuns and their commitment to dharma practice and to the community. She saw that despite being very poor and begging for their sustenance in harsh conditions, the nuns have carved out a very meaningful spiritual existence on the isolated Tibetan plateau in Yushu, Qinghai Province, near the town of Jiegu, which was hit by a major earthquake in 2010. Amy was amazed by how rural the location of the nunnery was--none of them had ever met a person from North America before! When Amy returned to the U.S., she created HelpTibetanNuns.org to fulfill the nun's vision of a new medical center near the site of their nunnery in Tibet.

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Help Tibetan Nuns was founded and began to raise funds for a medical center in Tibet.

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We donated $150,000 for the expansion and construction of naturally occurring spring-fed healing pools at Thrangu Nunnery in Tibet. Very popular with the locals, the Olympic-sized pool is a source of income for the nunnery.

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We gifted $50,000 to five Himalayan nunneries for education, medicine, and construction.

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We donated $20,000 to Palchen Choling Nunnery in Sikkim for the initial construction costs for dormitories, kitchen, dining halls, classrooms, and a shrine.

We also were introduced to Tilokpur Nunnery in Dharmsala, India, the first nunnery ever built outside of Tibet. We began to support their construction project for a new facility.

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We raised $25,000 to help purchase a safe bus to transport the nuns from Thrangu Nunnery on the treacherous mountainous roads in Yushu, Tibet.

We also continued to supporting the other nunneries with their construction projects.

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We have sent donations to Tilokpur and Thrangu Nunneries and one small donation to a nunnery in Bhutan.

Quote from HH 17th Karmapa: 'You offer joy and happiness to another person, and it reflects back into your own life'