Nuns on the steps of Thrangu Nunnery

Thrangu Kong Jo Sherab Ling Nunnery

Thrangu Kong Jo Sherab Ling Nunnery is an affiliate of Thrangu Monastery in Kham, Eastern Tibet. This thriving Buddhist community houses over 100 nuns in Yushu, Qinghai, near the town of Jiegu. The nunnery is in a very remote area. The nuns are poor and currently have no source of income other than what they are able to obtain by begging and what their families provide.


The nuns of Thrangu Nunnery in Yushu, Tibet are seeking funds for a new roof for their temple. The current roof is leaking, damaging the thangkas (traditional sacred paintings) and the imagery on the walls of the shrine rooms. A new roof - copper painted a golden color, including grading, insulation, and weatherizing - would protect the building, bring it into line with other monasteries and nunneries (which are typically golden-roofed), and support them nuns' practice of the dharma.

There is a tradition in Tibet to place a Serkhebs, or golden roof, with Gendzira, or cupola, on top of monastery shrine buildings. The golden top represents the five Buddha families. In its most elaborate form, the roof has a bell shaped cupola which includes: a lotus topped wheel, which represents Buddha Vairocana; a bell atop the wheel, representing Buddha Amoghasidhi; an eight-petalled lotus on top of that, representing the Buddha Amitabha; a vase on top of that, representing Buddha Akshobhya; and a jewel at the very top, representing Buddha Ratnasambhava. The abbreviated or simplified form of cupola, called the vase form, is also common and includes three buddhas, representing enlightened body, speech, and mind: a lotus with a vase on top, representing Buddha Vairocana, topped by an eight petalled lotus representing Buddha Amitabha, and a jewel at the top representing Buddha Akshobhya.

The benefit of raising a golden Gendzira is mentioned by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye in his commentary on offering and consecrating mantras. He wrote that if the Gendzira is properly consecrated by means of the generation and dissolution of the general and particular of the three roots, it will pacify all the harms in that area and gather vast prosperity and support the virtue of humans, nagas (local spirits), and that of the gods.

Also, the abbot of Ga Zuru Monastery, disciple of Jamgon Lodro Thaye, khenpo Konchok Tenzin stated in the commentary of Chakrasamvara, the roof that covers the monastery symbolizes the purification of the suffering of Samsara for all beings. And the Gendzira ornamented on top of the roof representing the qualities of all the Buddhas.

It it thus clear that supporting the Thrangu nuns' golden roof project is a way to bring great benefit for the world in general and especially to the town!

The Current Cost Estimation for Yushu Thrangu Nunnery Project:

The total cost needed for 2,393 square tubes of various sizes (unit price 330 rmb each), labor fee and other mattnals is 789,690 RMB.

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寺院设计风格中,寺院的屋顶通常是金色的,并带有顶阁。金色的屋顶代表着五方佛。在精美的设计中,屋顶还带有一个钟形顶阁;其中莲花基座上的法轮,代表毗卢遮那佛;上有一铃, 代表不空成就佛;其上八瓣莲花,代表阿弥陀佛;再上有一宝瓶,代表不动佛;再上一宝珠代表宝生佛。另一种称为宝瓶式样的简化宝阁也很常用,它包括了三时佛觉悟的身、语、意,基座莲花和其上宝瓶,代表毗卢遮那佛,上面八瓣莲花代表阿弥陀佛,再上面的珠宝代表不动佛。 贡康楚洛卓泰耶的著作《供咒论释》中讲:“如能修建三根本及所有三宝所依,以此功德能平息遣除当地诸灾害,给人天龙神带来广大福德”。






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