1. Imagine You Are a Nun...
    May 25 2021 - Imagine you are a nun, living at a Tibetan Buddhist nunnery in the Himalayan region – Tibet, Nepal, India or Bhutan
  2. Meet our New Board Members
    May 24 2021 - HTN has entered a growth period, and part of that growth is standardizing institutional procedures and enlarging its Board of Trustees, to better balance the various tasks that come with fundraising, publicity, and philanthropy. Three Board members – founder Amy McCracken, Lama Karma Drodhul, and Palma Puzzuoli – continue to serve. This spring, Amy Schwartz retired from the Board, and three new members accepted our request to serve.
  3. From Illiteracy to PhD:
    Oct 31 2020 - Article from The Wire on gender's effects in Buddhist monasticism
  4. Great News!
    Nov 26 2017 - New project for five nunneries
  5. Healing spring water pool project has been completed!
    Nov 22 2017 - We have finished the spring water pool project - thank you.
  6. Going back to Jiegu in August
    Jul 01 2015 - We are so excited to have the opportunity to go back to where this project started.
  7. Dental Care was offered to the nuns and surrounding population!
    Jun 28 2015 - Visit from a dentist
  8. Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche’s vision for the new Medical Center
    Jun 14 2015 - Interview with Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche
  9. House Blessing for Nunnery Supporters Cathy and Larry
    May 25 2015 - Thank you Cathy and Larry for your generous support!
  10. Thrangu Nunnery now has electricity and running water
    Sep 18 2013 - Progress on the medical center project
  11. Thrangu Nuns Build Road
    May 08 2013 - pictures of Nuns helping rebuild a road
  12. Thrangu Nunnery in Tibet is Building a Medical Center
    Feb 17 2013 - Thrangu nunnery, under the direction of Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche, is currently looking at ways to become self-sustaining while simultaneously supplying some of the crucial needs of the local community, which like the nunnery is very poor. They have determined that a medical center would best serve the needs of the area. There is currently no such facility.
  13. We Need Your Help!
    Jan 22 2013 - Our request to you...