1. From Illiteracy to PhD:
    Oct 31 2020 - Article from The Wire on gender's effects in Buddhist monasticism
  2. Great News!
    Nov 26 2017 - New project for five nunneries
  3. Healing spring water pool project has been completed!
    Nov 22 2017 - We have finished the spring water pool project - thank you.
  4. Going back to Jiegu in August
    Jul 01 2015 - We are so excited to have the opportunity to go back to where this project started.
  5. Dental Care was offered to the nuns and surrounding population!
    Jun 28 2015 - Visit from a dentist
  6. Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche’s vision for the new Medical Center
    Jun 14 2015 - Interview with Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche
  7. House Blessing for Nunnery Supporters Cathy and Larry
    May 25 2015 - Thank you Cathy and Larry for your generous support!
  8. Thrangu Nunnery now has electricity and running water
    Sep 18 2013 - Progress on the medical center project
  9. Thrangu Nuns Build Road
    May 08 2013 - pictures of Nuns helping rebuild a road
  10. Thrangu Nunnery in Tibet is Building a Medical Center
    Feb 17 2013 - Thrangu nunnery, under the direction of Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche, is currently looking at ways to become self-sustaining while simultaneously supplying some of the crucial needs of the local community, which like the nunnery is very poor. They have determined that a medical center would best serve the needs of the area. There is currently no such facility.
  11. We Need Your Help!
    Jan 22 2013 - Our request to you...